Thursday, 19 April 2012

April News

Well I thought I would post you all the new products that have come our way of late.

Local Beer
Five Towns & Revolutions both from the Wakefield area. Both make some really good beer. I think most people in the area will have sampled a five towns beer in the last few years. Well the good news is Malcolm is now doing some bottling. Outwood bound and Niamh Nemesis are the first ones we have had. First batch gone waiting for the next lot to arrive.

Revolutions are newer and are based at whitwood which is near Castleford. 5 brews in the bottles at the moment. With another to come. Including Record store day beer revolver. If you like stouts and porters you wont go wrong with both Clash & Manisfesto

Next up is Elland I was pleased when I found out they were bottling. Again their 1872 porter is world class. The other two beers are Amnesia & Ushuaia these are lighter beers. Pretty good stuff.

Still in Yorkshire but a little further a field is Wold Top we go and collect these from them as they no longer deliver their beer to West Yorkshire. Sadly their fav of mine Mars Magic has now finished but we still have some left. That's been replaced with Headland Red. They also have done a IPA which is also gluten free.

The next is North Yorkshire brewing co I've added Hunny Bunny (honey beer) and there best seller Flying Herbert to our range. Blond for cheese is being stopped but I still have a case left. And once Crystal Tips is run out with us that will be getting a break.

Also in changing news Sam Smiths Pale & Organic Best is being stopped. I still have some best if you like that. The good news is that they have sort of mergered them to create Organic Pale Ale. As normal its a 5.0% beer

Other British beers we have in at the moment is St Peters you may know that I love St Peters beers and I love there pub in London lots if you ever get down there make sure you visit its not far away from another fav of mine the Craft Beer co pub. Any way we have there fruit beer new in at the moment. Its pretty good stuff so give it a try.

While I'm on about fruit beers we also have a Pineapple beer in from Belgium a lot of you like the banana and the plum beer so I thought I would get the pineapple in. Some other new beers from Belgium include Gulden Draak, Juplier pils & Strandgaper if you buy 3 bottles of those you get a free glass. you can also get a free glass when you buy Ayinger celebrator dark German bock beer. Also have a few other new German beers. Now with some of these beers the bottles need to go back to German. We pay for the bottles extra on some of these so rather than pass the cost on and letting you bung it in the recycling box. You are charged an extra 10 or 15p and then you get that back when you bring the bottle back. No rush on bringing them back.

As you know we don't just do beer we have cider as well and I have got some cider from Hogans. Those local will have seen draught Hogans appearing in Ossett Brewery pubs well we have the bottles.

Our food range is now fully stocked and there are some delightful new jelly's and chutneys most are gluten free. Just like 5 of our beers 2 from Hambletons, 2 from Wold Top and now 1 from Germany its a pils.

Tasting nights are proving a big success and the next two are booked in 26th April Two Roses and May 31st Brew dog. If you wish to come along. Get your tickets now!

And there are plenty of other new beers I havent touched on.