Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We are looking for an event

We have a few spare weeks till our next stall in Ossett and so are in the hunt to pitch up at an event. Due to licensing laws the next day we can do is weekend 20/21 August. Unless you already have one then we are free anytime.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Your Questions - Answered

What you are asking.

We seem to be creating a buzz around the area at the moment and plenty of you have been asking questions so here they are for you all to enjoy.

Q – Wheat free beer. Do you have any?
A – This has been a major question. We haven’t for a first two markets but we have 2 Gluten free beers one ale, one lager.  

Q – Can you get Castle Lager?
A – Yes!  SABmiller are blocking imports at the moment of this beer but I have got hold of some so you can buy by the bottle or the six pack. We also plan to have some other South African beers.

Q – Will you sell Honey?
A – Mmmmm we had no plans to but as per of our remit to sell not just beer but great products like Mustards and chutney’s we thought why not. We have found a local producer of honey but are still waiting to here back.

Q – Can I buy a barrel?
A - Yes you can buy a barrel. However we won’t be able to take orders for that until the shop is open. You will also be able to buy polypins. These are made to order from certain breweries. Full details when we open.  

Q – Can I buy a case?
A – Of course. As long as we have full cases available you can and we have a select few for the next market. You can also buy a mix case.

Q – Will you be selling fruit beers?
A – Of course and we hope to sell a lot of flavours. We should have 2 or 3 available at the next market. And it just won’t be Belgium fruit beers we will be selling.

Q – Will you have gift packs for sale when the shop opens?
A – Yes and we will have loads more gift packs. What you see at the moment is just a small choice and they are already very popular.

Q – I see you have pint pot glasses, will you be selling others.
A – Yes we will be selling pint pot glasses on their own as well as other branded glasses. And 2 pint steins!

Q – Do you brew the beer?
A – No we don’t brew the beers but we carefully selected breweries from around the UK and work with importers for non UK beers.

Q – Are you available for beer festivals, craft fairs, charity events etc
A – Yes we are! It is however easier that the premises you are holding these already has a premises licence. Otherwise a temp licence needs to be applied for which needs to completed 14 working days before the event. We can not at the moment help out with charity requests for free beers but we are willing to run stalls at charity beers festivals at cost with profits going to the charity.

Q – Can we bulk buy for a party?
A – Yes in fact you can do more than that! Bier-B-Q will be in full swing come opening when you can purchase any beer including cases from the major brewers(ie john smiths), soft drinks, nibbles and we are hoping to work with a local butcher to be able to supply meat and bakery products. And if you want something that little more you can buy cask ale by the barrel and have a hand beer pump to be operated by yourself or we can supply a bar person.

Q – Yorkshire crisps. Do you have certain flavours?
A – Once we are up and running fully we will have on all flavours. But at the moment we don’t have room to store all flavours. We have to purchase in a bulk with a load of 8 cases so once we are ready for another 8 we will review what has gone down well.

Q – What goes well with cooking with beef?
A – Well lots of wonderful things can be made with the beers we sell and to cook beef in beer we say. Ilkley Black or Ossett treacle stout. And of course why not add a couple of drops of Henderson’s Yorkshire relish. Pale rider makes a great batter for fish and Kastell Cru goes great with Chorizo (Yorkshire chorizo is available to buy from us) and sea food.

Q – Do you sell Tetley’s?
A – We do not class this any longer as a quality beer and will not be selling that along with products like John Smiths, Fosters & Carling.

If you have a question then leave a comment or drop me an email bierhuis@live.co.uk

It has been a pleasure chatting with so many of you in the last couple of weeks. And feel free to say hello and ask anything if you see me in Ossett town centre

Pick a beer

We need to choose some world beers for our next market. Send your requests to bierhuis@live.co.uk

Someone will win a prize for the chosen beer.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

South Yorkshire is invading Ossett!

South Yorkshire is invading Ossett!

Henderson’s Yorkshire Relish and Kelham Island beers will be available at Ossett Gala on Saturday and at the local produce market on the 23rd July.

The Yorkshire Relish will be also available to buy on-line in the food products section.